Celebrities doing the ALS ice bucket challenge

wow im really happy that all of these wealthy people would prefer doing this than donating money to a charity that will save lives

Okay, I’m a stop you right there. Yes, the basis of the challenge is dump water on your head or donate. But what this challenge is meant to do is RAISE AWARENESS. People who see this end up wondering and then learning what ALS is. And who better to spread the message than celebrities?

People who do the challenge are also still asked to make a donation, and to pass on the challenge. This is good. These celebrities are raising awareness, spreading the message, and probably still donating. But hey, they’re horrible people because they participated in this right? It would ‘ve been better if they wrote a check and never told anyone about it at all.

fun reminder that lady gaga also did this and then donated $10,000 to the foundation and i doubt she’s the only one to do that so pls chill

Seriously, how many people out there had never even heard of ALS, or had only heard of it vaguely in passing before their favourite celeb participated?

And I’m willing to bet a huge number of them donated more than the $100 or whatever you have to donate if you refuse to do it. $100 is pocket change for a lot of these folks.

" As of Monday, August 18, The ALS Association has received $15.6 million in donations compared to $1.8 million during the same time period last year…These donations have come from existing donors and 307,598 new donors to The Association.” (x) You can bet your ass that most of those new donors came because of the celebrities. And once you’ve donated to a charity, chances are good that you’ll donate again. Oh, and sleepcastiel? Have you donated?

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there should be an avengers tv show but it should be filmed and executed like parks and rec

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Just hangin’ round Neverland, dressed for a debate in case one breaks out on this prehistoric jungle island, shirt unbuttoned to my navel, la dee dah, dee dah

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here’s a radical thought: how about when a character is bi it’s actually explicitly said that they’re bi rather than tiptoeing around the subject as if we don’t all fucking know that they. are. bi.

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♡ Frozen & Van Gogh art phone wallpapers! ♡ PART 2 (pt. 1 Please like/reblog if using, and please do not reupload/claim as your own! Thank you!

other Disney films & Van Gogh 

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me and my friends on halloween


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